Ice Cream Innovation


In addition to being available throughout Australia in selected IGA, Foodworks & Drakes, we also export to Singapore & New Zealand.

The Darling Downs Ice Cream Company is capable of manufacturing specialty products unique to only us and we pride ourselves on being one of the leading manufacturers of Dairy and Non-Dairy ice cream that not only meets consumer requirements, but also offers those with dietary requirements an opportunity to enjoy coconut-based ice cream that is as close to a dairy ice cream experience that you will ever get.

Health is an important part of our product development, and we are invested in making ice cream a treat that everyone can enjoy. Our healthier options are so good, you'll wonder how it's even possible! We're always looking to incorporate ingredients with health benefits like probiotics, and develop low sugar alternatives to make our products that little bit less guilty and all the more pleasure. But we love treats too, so of course we manufacture ice cream that is purely for a pleasurable moment.  

We can do it because we're passionate about creating incredible ice cream for everyone, and we love the challenge of striving to bring new and unique products to market. We support our local community and use local ingredients wherever possible - our Mango comes from North Queensland, from the very same farm our Grandfather, founder Keith Reisinger, used back in his day.

We hope you enjoy the Darling Downs Ice Cream Co. experience, and we look forward to partnering with you in the future. 

- The Reisinger Family


If you are interested in stocking Darling Downs Ice Cream Co. products in your region, please contact our Global Business Development Manager.

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